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Erika Rika Ri

While sharing her beautiful art with the SacAnime guests in Artists’ Alley, Erika took a moment to talk to JP about her work and influences. Erika is one of the bold artists who offers commissions as well as prints and sketches. She teased that there are a few comics coming together on her drawing board and we can’t wait to see them! You can view some of Erika’s art at!

      Erika Rika Ri Interview

Yolante Charles

Yola is on a mission to raise money and start her own comic books. She had a great offering of excellent art and merch at her table and we hope she made some serious cash! She already has a commissioned comic out called “Panda Shorts”. Be sure to read the interview with Yola about “Panda Shorts” on! You can see Yola’s profile at Scattered Comics Studios and follow her on tumblr at Ceephor Studios.

      Yolante Charles Interview

Carlos Alfaro

Carlos is leader of the Sacramento Brony Meetup team! He has a passion for My Little Pony and its incredible community of fans. We caught up with Carlos during the Bronie meetup after his panel “We Are Bronies”. Alfaro is a charismatic and driven leader and is looking to start Sacramento’s first Bronie-Con “Ponyville West”. Stay tuned to for all the exciting things going on in the Sac Bronie scene!

      Carlos Alfaro Interview

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