SacAnime Summer 2012 – Interviews

Jason Dube

Jason Dube is a comics entrepreneur. Dube is a talented artist, writer and businessman. He owns Scattered Comics, a successful comic publishing company, where you can see many of Sacramento’s talent in print. Dube also runs Scattered Studios, where his team of artists, colorists and writers can help you take your idea all the way from concept to print. Jason is also a staff member of several Sacramento Conventions, including SacAnime.

      Jason Dube Interview

Melissa McCommon

We caught up with Melissa in Artists’ Alley after her panel “From Fan to Creator! How to Make and Publish Your Own Comic”, which you can find in our SacAnime panel coverage. McCommon was at SacAnime this year promoting her comic “Carnation” (pictured above). Be sure to check out her web-comic “Epic Chaos” at, as well as her latest deviations over at You can purchase her above mentioned work and more on!

      Melissa McCommon Interview

Lauren Bennett

Lauren was the director for Artists’ Alley at SacAnime this time around, and it looks like that may turn into a permanent position! When she’s not busy with SacAnime, Bennett works on her webcomic “Holiday“. This creative comic is the coming of age tale of an elf named Peppermint. Peppermint and his older sister Candy Cane work on Santa’s H.E.L.P.E.R. team to help Santa plan and execute Christmas every year. You can find “Holiday” at! And be sure to check out Lauren’s latest deviations on!

      Lauren Bennett Interview

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